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This is a continually updated site following the sporting events of Stephen Bayliss, Bella Bayliss, Mark Bayliss & Lucinda Bayliss.


Team BaylissIf you are interested in Ironman, Triathlon, English Channel swimming, marathon swimming, Marathon des Sables, Enduroman Arch to Arc or ultra running this is a good place to start. We hope you enjoy the development of this site in the coming months and years.

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"Ones willpower increases with every task fulfilled" - Emil Zatopek

"Life shouldn't be a journey to the grave in which you arrive in a well-preserved body. Rather, you should skid there sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'woo-hoo, what a ride"


Latest News.........

(17th June) Lucinda finishes 13th Female & 103rd Overall in Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromso, Norway (3:27:58) http://www.msm.no/midnight-sun-marathon.242498.en.html

(17th June) Mark finishes 105th in Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromso, Norway (3:27:59) http://www.msm.no/midnight-sun-marathon.242498.en.html



(27th May) Lucinda finishes 5th Female & 40th Overall in London to Brighton 100km run (12:24:45) http://www.london2brightonchallenge.com/live-event/timing-and-tracking

(20th May) Stephen had a very tough day at Ironman Lanzarote and finished 142nd (10:52:58) http://eu.ironman.com

(14th May) Lucinda finishes 2nd Female & 10th Overall in Cranleigh Trail Marathon (4:31:43) http://www.cranleighchallenge.uk/files/2017/05/Results-2017-Marathon.pdf

(13th May) Bella finishes 3rd Female & 9th Overall in Sailfish 1.9k swim (28:23) http://www.mc2crono.com/races/202/live

(13th May) Stephen finishes 4th in Sailfish 3.8k swim (44:14) http://www.mc2crono.com/races/203/live

(13th May) Mark finishes 39th in North Downs Way 50 mile run (9:02:50) http://www.centurionrunning.com/

(1st May) Mark finishes 36th in Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon (1:03:55) http://raceseries.thamesturbo.com/

(29th April) Bella finishes 6th female in Volcano Triathlon (2:13:45) http://www.clublasanta.com/media/729793/volcano-results-booklet1.pdf

Bella Volcano

(29th April) Lucinda finishes 2nd female & 12th overall in Round Isle of Wight Challenge (13:31:19) http://www.isleofwightchallenge.com/live-event/timing-and-tracking

Lucinda IOWLucinda IOW1

(9th April) Check out this article about Bella & Stephen http://www.lanzarotedeportiva.com/index.php/triatlon/33-triatlon/15426-stephen-bayliss-y-bella-bayliss-ganadores-de-la-tercera-edicion-de-la-nutricross.html

(9th April) Bella wins Nu Tri Cross (1:24:17) http://mc2crono.com/races/188/live

(9th April) Stephen wins Nu Tri Cross (1:09:56) http://mc2crono.com/races/188/live

Bella and I nutricross

(9th April) Lucinda finishes 104th female in Brighton Marathon (3:37:56) http://www.brightonmarathon.co.uk/home

(9th April) Mark finishes 769th in Brighton Marathon (3:29:58) http://www.brightonmarathon.co.uk/home

(26th March) Lucinda finishes 91st overall in Cranleigh 21 mile run (2:46:11) http://www.mabac.org.uk/

Lucinda Cranleigh 21

(25th March) Stephen wins TRI122 Triathlon in Costa Teguise (4:05:31) https://sportmaniacs.com/es/races/vi-triatlon-tri122-lanzarote-2017/58c1e82b-bb5c-497a-9866-41a9ac1f1ae1/results/official

Running SB TRi122 (002)

(18th March) Mark finishes 54th in Endurancelife CTS Sussex Marathon (4:46:38) http://www.endurancelife.com/

(12th March) Lucinda finishes 44th female & 511th overall in Surrey half marathon (1:36:08) http://surreyhalfmarathon.co.uk/

(5th March) Stephen finishes 4th in MTB race in San Bartolome (1:29:23) - http://www.lanzarotedeportes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Clasf_01_MTBXCAJEI5marzo.pdf

(5th March) Charlie finishes 3rd in the under 7 MTB race in San Bartolome



MTB La Gracios SBMTB San BartolomeBella MTB La GraciosaCharlie poduim MTB race.

(5th March) Lucinda finishes 5th female & 45th overall in Wimbledon Half Marathon (1:39:20) - http://www.energizedsports.com/

(4th March) Check out this article on Bella & Stephens race http://www.lanzarotedeportes.com/el-matrimonio-stephen-y-bella-bayliss-se-cita-como-favorito-para-conseguir-el-triunfo-final-en-el-vi-desafio-8a-isla

(4th March) Bella wings Desafío Octava Isla off road Triathlon (1:32:51) - http://www.lanzarotedeportes.com/clasftricrossindividual17

(4th March) Stepen wins Desafío Octava Isla off road Triathlon (1:18:39) - http://www.lanzarotedeportes.com/clasftricrossindividual17

(5th February) Mark finishes 74th in the Pilgrim 66 miles over 2 days (13:50:25) - http://www.xnrg.co.uk/

(22nd January) Lucinda finishes 5th female & 72nd Overall in Dorking 10 mile run (1:25:09) - http://eventstolive.co.uk/products/denbies-10

(16th January) Check out Bella's blog about Club La Santa’s International Duathlon - http://trisutto.com/fast-racing-in-lanzarote/

(14th January) Bella finshes 6th female in International Lanzarote Duathlon (1:06:31) - http://timeraces.trackingsport.com/head?bz0xMjkwJm09MTkxOSZsb2M9ZW4=

(14th January) Stephen finishes 6th in International Lanzarote Duathlon (57:20) - http://timeraces.trackingsport.com/head?bz0xMjkwJm09MTkxOSZsb2M9ZW4=

(14th January) Lucinda finishes 13th in Womens Open & 153rd Overall in Country to Capital 43 mile run (7:43:11) - http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/

(14th January) Mark finishes 152nd in Country to Capital 43 mile run (7:43:06) - http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/

(8th January) Lucinda finishes 2nd Female in Bromley 10km (42:28) - Not on results! http://www.mccpromotions.com/


(1st Janaury) Lucinda finishes 8th Female & 56th Overall in the Knacker Cracker (1:11:51) http://www.trionium.com/knackercracker/

(1st January) Mark finishes 57th in the Knacker Cracker 10km (1:11:51) http://www.trionium.com/knackercracker/

Knacker Kacker

(31st December) Bella wins San Silvestre 5km in Arrecife (17:56)

Bella and Mia on podium (002)

(18th December) Mark finishes 184th in Portsmouh Coastal Waterfront Marathon (3:36:47) http://www.fitprorob.biz/

(17th December) Check out Lucinda in the Sun Newspaper on Saturday 17th December 2016

The Medoc in The Sun

(9th December) Check out Bella's article about coaching Kate Bevilaqua to her Ultraman World Championship title earlier this month


(23rd October) Mark finishes 336th in Abingdon Marathon (3:33:56) http://www.abingdonmarathon.org.uk/

(16th October) Stephen wins Ocean Lava Tri (4:07:33) http://www.oceanlava.com/

Stephen Ocean Lava

(9th October) Mark finishes 47th in The Greensand Marathon (4:42:11) http://www.trionium.com/

(2nd October) Lucinda finishes 19th Female & 99th Overall in the Downslink Ultra 38 mile run (7:24:36) https://www.sussextrailevents.com/

Lucinda Downslink

(25th September) Mark finishes 9th in Cotswold Challenge, 60 mile run in 2 days (11:47:59) http://www.xnrg.co.uk/

(24th September) Stephen finishes 8th in Lanzarote 70.3 (4:26:36) www.ironman.com

(17th September) Stephen finishes 5th in Challenge Gran Canaria (4:21:21) http://challengegrancanaria.com/



Check out a great article about the Marathon du Medoc


(10th September) Lucinda finishes 1,797th in Marathon du Medoc (5:19:01) http://www.marathondumedoc.com/

(10th September) Mark finishes 1,798th in Marathon du Medoc (5:19:01) http://www.marathondumedoc.com/



(21st August) Stephen finishes 11th in Xterra European Championships Germany (2:40:26) http://www.xterragermany.de/en/

(31st July) Stephen finishes 11th in Xterra Italy (3:06:58) http://www.xterra-italy.com/

(24th July) Lucinda finshes 12th Female, 3rd in her age group & 298th overall in The Outlaw Iron Distance Triathlon (11:47:00) http://www.osbevents.com/




(20th July) Mark finishes 4th in Woldingham Aquathlon (26:14) http://www.triproject.co.uk/

(17th July) Mark finishes 32nd in Thorpe Park Standard Distance Triathlon (2:12:58) http://www.triproject.co.uk/

(10th July) Lucinda finishes 9th Female & 46th Overall in North Downs Half Marathon (2:13:02) http://www.hermesrunning.com/

(9th July) Stephen finishes 12th in II Copa MTB Lanzarote 2016 - III Maratón MTB Norte de Lanzarote (3:00:07) http://www.mc2crono.com/races/149/live

(3rd July) Lucinda finishes 13th Female & 69th Overall in Caterham Half Marathon (1:49:23) http://www.caterhamhalf.co.uk/

(26th June) Stephen finishes 9th in Challenge Half Galway (4:07:24) http://www.challenge-galway.eu/

(25th June) Lucinda swims Lake Annecy (14.6km) in 5hrs with http://swimquest.uk.com/

(18th June) Lucinda & Mark finish 8th Mixed Team & 44th Overall in Otillo Swimrun Isles of Scilly (7:14:18) http://otilloswimrun.com/races/isles-of-scilly/




(28th May) Lucinda finishes 7th Female & 72nd Overall in London to Brighton 100km run (13:52:25) http://www.london2brightonchallenge.com/



(2nd May) Mark finishes 25th in Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon (1:05:33) http://raceseries.thamesturbo.com/results/sprint-race-results/

(1st May) Lucinda finishes 52nd Overall in The Pony 60 mile run over 2 days (11:46:46) http://www.xnrg.co.uk/


(30th April) Stephen finishes 2nd in Volcano Triathlon (1:59:33) http://www.clublasanta.com/en/sports/results/results/volcano-triathlon


(19tth April) Check out Marks article about Redbull Neptune Steps http://www.hardastrails.com/taking-the-plunge-at-the-red-bull-neptune-steps/

(17th April) Lucinda finishes 609th Female in Brigthon Marathon (4:00:56) http://www.brightonmarathonweekend.co.uk/

(9th April) Mark finishes 12th in Redbull Neptune Steps http://www.redbull.com/uk/en/events/1331668145513/red-bull-neptune-steps

neptune steps

(20th March) Mark finishes 17th in Jurassic Coast Challenge 3 marathons in 3 days (15:50:05) http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(19th March) Indie finished 1km Bunny Run - He ran the whole way :)

(19th March) Stephen finishes 2nd in 20km run at the Music Marathon Festival (1:11:16) http://www.musicmarathon.com/index.php/en/


(12th March) Lucinda finishes 18th female & 134th overall in Thames Meander Marathon (4:16:15) http://www.hermesrunning.com/


(28th February) Lucinda finishes 21st overall in Relativity Marathon 26.8 miles (4:31:56) http://www.saxon-shore.com/

(21st February) Stephen wins NUTRICROSS Sprint Triathlon (1:10:06) http://www.nutricioncanarias.com/nutricross

(21st February) Bella finishes 2nd NUTRICROSS Sprint Triathlon (1:26:01) http://www.nutricioncanarias.com/nutricross

Nutri cross podiom

©James Mitchell / www.jamesmitchell.eu

(8th February) Check out this article on Stephen & Bella http://www.tri247.com/article_14690_Team+Bayliss+on+form+in+Lanzarote.html?region_id=&category=

(6th February) Bella wins Timanfaya Sprint Distance Triathlon (1:04:16) http://www.trimakina.com/

(6th February) Stephen finishes 2nd in Timanfaya Sprint Distance Triathlon (53:43) http://www.trimakina.com/


©James Mitchell / www.jamesmitchell.eu

(20th January) Check out this interview with Stephen on http://www.tri247.com/


(16th January) Stephen finishes 3rd in Lanzarote International Duathlon (57:51) http://www.clublasanta.com/media/462553/duathlon-2016-results.pdf


©James Mitchell / www.jamesmitchell.eu

(16th January) Mark finishes 231st in Country to Capital 45 mile run (8:47:59) http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/

(10th January) Lucinda finishes 16th Female & 87th Overall in Bromley 10km (56:20) http://www.mccpromotions.com/

(31st December) Stephen finishes 1st in San Silvestre Puerto del Carmen 5km (15:56)

(20th December) Mark finishes 344th in Portsmouth Costal Waterfront Marathon (4:15:20) http://www.fitprorob.biz/

(12th December) Bella finishes 2nd Female & 24th Overall in Lanzarote International Half Marathon (1:25:55) http://www.lanzaroteinternationalmarathon.com/welcome/


(11th November) Bodi Bayliss is born

With midwife leaving hospital

(7th November) Bella comes out of retirement to win a fun first edition of the TriWomen Santa Rosa Triathlon event in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Bella Bella1


©James Mitchell / www.jamesmitchell.eu

(31st October) Mark finishes 2nd in Halloween Oaks Park 10 km 46:53 - http://www.hermesrunning.com/

(18th October) Mark finishes 110th in Croydon 10km 46:40 http://www.nice-work.org.uk/events.php?id=41

(4th October) Mark finishes 50th in Titsey Trail 10km 45:40 http://www.oxtedrunners.org.uk/

(27th September) Mark finishes 30th in East Grinstead 10km 44:02 http://www.eg10k.co.uk/

(20th September) Mark finishes 247th in Reigate Half Marathon 1:37:56 http://www.jellyfish.co.uk/runreigate/

(13th September) Stephen finishes 7th in Challenge Weymouth http://www.challengeweymouth.com/, which also included 6th in European Long Distance Championships 09:10:32 http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2015_weymouth_etu_challenge_full_distance_triathlon_european_championships/271399

(31st August) Mark finishes 23rd in Thames Turbo Sprint Tri 1:07:25 http://raceseries.thamesturbo.com/results/sprint-race-results/

(28th June) Mark finishes 20th in Round Isle of Wight Run (70 miles over 2 days) 13:54:12 http://www.xnrg.co.uk/

(20th June) Mark finishes 94th in South Downs Marathon 4:06:34 http://www.209events.com/

(11th May) Mark finishes 50th in Trans-Portugal Mountain Bike 8 day stage race from north to south (64:22:16) http://www.trans-portugal.com/


(26th April) Mark finishes 7,457th in London Marathon (3:36:39) https://www.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com/en-gb/

(12th April) Mark finishes 2,676th in Brighton Marathon (3:57:11) http://www.brightonmarathon.co.uk/

(29th March) Indie's first race - 1km Bunny Run in Caterham

Bunny run 2015a

(1st March) Lucinda finishes 46th overall in Tri show 10km (50:42) http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(22nd February) Lucinda finishes 80th overall in Kenely 10km (54:16 with buggy) http://www.mccpromotions.com/

(22nd February) Mark finishes 20th in Kenley 10km (42:47) http://www.mccpromotions.com/

(15th February) Lucinda finishes 10th female & 62nd overall in Portland Costal Marathon (5:11:53) http://www.bustinskin.com/

Lucinda Portland

(1st February) Lucinda and Mark finish 113th & 114th in The Pilgrim (66 mile run over 2 days) in 15 hrs 15 mins http://www.xnrg.co.uk/

The Pilgrim finishSnow on the Pilgrim

(1st February) Stephen finishes 2nd in the inaugural NuTriCross sprint triathlon. 750m swim, 20km MTB, 5km run (1:14:16) http://www.nutricioncanarias.com/nutricross

Stephen MTB

(11th January) Stephen finishes 3rd in International Lanzarote Duathlon (57:29) http://www.clublasanta.com/


(10th January) Mark finishes 15th in The Fan Dance in 3hrs 58mins http://www.thefandancerace.com/

(31st December) Stephen finishes 2nd in San Silvestre Puerto del Carmen 5km (16:20)


(21st December) Mark finishes 431st in Portsmouth Coastal Waterfront Marathon (3:58:07) http://www.fitprorob.biz/

(30th November) Lucinda finishes 48th in Saxon Shore Marathon (4:37:11) http://www.saxon-shore.com/

Saxon Shore Marathon

(23rd November) Mark finishes 35th in Three Mole Hills 15 mile run (1:55:33) http://www.eventstolive.co.uk/

(1st November) Lucinda & Mark finish Thames Meander Marathon together in 287th (4:59:44) & 288th (4:59:45) - http://www.hermesrunning.com/ 

(5th October) Mark finishes 643rd in Bournemouth Marathon (3:56:12) - http://www.run-bmf.com/

(4th October) Stephen finishes 2nd in Lanzarote-La Graciosa swim

(28th September) Stephen wins small Aquathon - 2.5km run, 1km swim, 2.5km run

(14th September) Stephen finishes 3rd in Challenge Weymouth (08:04:37) - http://www.challengetriuk.com/

Stephen Weymouth

(14th September) Mark finishes 141st in Challenge Weymouth (10:51:33) - http://www.challengetriuk.com/

(7th September) Mark finishes 372nd in Helvellyn Triathlon (5:15:41) - http://www.trihard.co.uk/

(6th September) Mark finishes 16th non wetsuit in Chillswim Coniston 5.25 miles (2:42:50) - http://www.chillswim.com/

(1st September) Lucinda swims the English Channel in 12 hrs 24 mins 59 secs - http://cspf.co.uk/

(25th August) Mark finishes 6th in Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon (1:03:25) - http://raceseries.thamesturbo.com/

(20th August) Lucinda swims from Jersey to France in 6 hrs 50 mins.  2nd fastest lady and 3rd fastest of all time - http://www.jerseyseaswims.org/

Nearly finishedVery happy

(31st July) Mark finishes 17th in Near as Damn it 10km run (43.35) - http://www.southlondonharriers.org/

(22nd July) Lucinda, Mark, Angela, Barry & Heidi complete an English Channel Relay as Sivota Sharks (14 hrs 1 min) - http://cspf.co.uk/cs-and-pf-swims

(13th July) Lucinda finishes 3rd Ladies Non Wetsuit & 28th Overall in Round Brownsea Island Swim (1:35:44) - http://www.rlss-poole.org.uk/

(13th July) Mark finishes 6th Mens Non Wetsuit & 29th Overall in Round Brownsea Island Swim (1:35:47) - http://www.rlss-poole.org.uk/

(12th July) Lucinda finishes 5th Female & 14th Overall in VOTWO Boscombe 3.8km swim (1:12:37) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(9th July) Lucinda finishes 2nd Female & 12th Overall in Woldingham Aquathlon (28:43) - http://www.thetriproject.co.uk/

(9th July) Mark finishes 5th in Woldingham Aquathlon (25:39) - http://www.thetriproject.co.uk/

(6th July) Mark finishes 1st in Bournemouth Sprint Triathlon (1:05:31) - http://offbeat-events.com/

(29th June) Mark finishes 2nd in Horsham Splash N Dash Sprint Tri (1:18:11) - http://www.triitsports.co.uk/

(28th June) Lucinda finishes 1st Female & 5th Overall in VOTWO Boscome 3.8km swim (1:11:10) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(28th June) Mark finishes 11th in VOTWO Boscombe 3.8km swim (1:16:04) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(28th June) Mark finishes 9th in VOTWO Boscombe Sprint Triathlon (1:18:39) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(26th June) Mark finishes 25th in Near as Damn it 10km run (44:26) - http://www.southlondonharriers.org/

(21st June) Lucinda finishes 6th Female & 9th Overall in BLDSA Champion of Champions 9 mile swim race (4:07:57) - http://www.bldsa.org.uk/

(21st June) Stephen finishes 15th in 70.3 Luxembourg (4:07:11) - www.ironman.com

(21st June) Mark finishes 24th in Trionium Midsummer Munro Half Marathon (2:23:27) http://www.trionium.com/mm/

(14th June) Lucinda finishes 3rd Female & 8th Overal in VOTWO Eton 5km swim (1:19:43) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(31st May) Lucinda finishes 2nd Female & 7th Overall in VOTWO Boscombe 3.8km swim (1:02:45) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(29th May) Mark finishes 30th in Near as Damn it 10km run (46:24) - http://www.southlondonharriers.org/

(26th May) Lucinda finishes 10th Female & 65th Overall in Eton 10km Swim (2:49:23) - http://humanrace.co.uk/

Lucinda Eton

(18th May) Mark finishes 7th in Hillcrest 10km (44:22) - http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/hillcrestnetballclub/a/hillcrest-10k-run-37986.html

(17th May) Stephen finishes 14th in Ironman Texas (8:49:19) - www.ironman.com

(10th May) Lucinda finishes 945th in We own the night 10km run (52:26) - http://womens10kresults.nikeapp.com/weownthenightlondon/en_GB/5553

(4th May) Lucinda finishes 51st in The Pony, 60 miles over 2 days trail run (12:49:49) - http://www.xnrg.co.uk/

The pony

(26th April) Mark finishes 20th in The ONER, 80 mile trial run (22:49:38) - http://www.brutalevents.co.uk/


(26th April) Stephen finishes 4th in Volcano Triathon (2:02:39) - http://trilanzarote.com/sites/default/files/Volcano%20Lanzarote%20Triathlon%202014%20results.pdf


(4th April) Mark finishes 691st in Brighton Marathon (3:30:03) - http://www.brightonmarathon.co.uk/

(30th March) Stephen finishes 2nd in Ironman Los Cabos (8:32:19) - http://www.ironmanloscabos.com/home_ing.asp

Los Cabos

Los Cabos1

(16th March) Mark finishes 258th in Spitfire 20 mile run (2:47:11) - http://www.eventstolive.co.uk/

(1st March) Stephen wins Lanzarote Music Half Marathon - (1:14:24) - http://www.musicmarathon.com/

Stephen winning Lanzarote Music Marathon

(1st March) Mark finishes 40th in Triathlon Show 10km (43:23) - http://www.triadventure.co.uk/

Tri show

(16th February) Mark finishes 946th in Brighton Half Marathon (1:37:58) http://www.brightonhalfmarathon.com/

(26th January) Mark & Indie finish 341st in Brockwell Park 10km http://www.runthrough.co.uk/brixton-10k-at-brockwell-park-jan-26th/

(18th January) Stephen finishes 3rd in Lanzarote International Duathlon http://www.clublasanta.co.uk/events/international-lanzarote-duathlon-race 

(1st January) Bella starts new Triathlon Team http://www.triactivlanzarote.com/

(2nd November) Bella finishes 2nd in Ocean Lava Triathlon http://www.oceanlava.com/

(29th September) Indie Bayliss is born.

Reigate Hill 8 days old

(8th September) Bella wins Challenge Henley - http://www.challengehenley.com/

Bella winning

(8th September) Stephen finishes 2nd at Challenge Henley - http://www.challengehenley.com/

(25th August) Lucinda finishes 22nd in 2.5km Bournemouth Swim (1:00:45) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(25th August) Mark finishes 13th in 3.8km Bournemouth Swim (1:10:34) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(24th August) Mark finishes 32nd in Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon (1:22:40) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/

(4th August) Stephen finishes 2nd in Ironman UK - http://www.ironmanuk.com/

(4th August) Bella finishes 4th in Ironman UK - http://www.ironmanuk.com/

(24th July) Stephen finishes 4th in Alpe d'Huez Long Course Triathlon - http://www.alpetriathlon.com/en

(14th July) Stephen finishes 22nd at Challenge Roth - http://www.challenge-roth.com/en/

(7th July) Bella finishes 6th in Norway 70.3 - http://ironmanhaugesund.com/

(7th July) Mark finishes 2,280th in Frankfurt Ironman (13:58:10) - http://ironmanfrankfurt.com/

(23rd June) Bella finishes 4th at Challenge Aarhus - http://kmdchallengeaarhus.com/

(16th June) Mark finishes 62nd at Windsor Olympic Distance Triathlon (2:20:38) - http://humanrace.co.uk/

(9th June) - Mark completes 7 triathlons in the Weekend Warrior at Blenheim Triathlon

(2nd June) - Lucinda completes most of day 1 (still did a marathon) and all of day 2 in Round Isle of white run/walk - http://www.xnrg.co.uk/

(2nd June) - Mark finishes 65th (19:15:40) in Round Isle of White run/walk (70 miles over 2 days) - http://www.xnrg.co.uk/


(27th May) - Mark finishes 56th (1:09:41) in Thames Turbo Sprint Tri - http://raceseries.thamesturbo.com/

(26th May) Mark finishes 56th in Honslow & District Wheelers 100 mile TT - H100/88 - (4:52:30)

(25th May) Mark finishes 24th (1:08:05) in Dorney Super Sprint Tri - http://humanrace.co.uk/

(19th May) Mark finishes 28th (1:38:23) at the Kamikaze (8 mile obstacle race) - http://www.votwo.co.uk/results.htm

(18th May) Stephen finishes 40th at Ironman Lanzarote - http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/ironman/lanzarote/results.aspx#axzz2TqNFm0yV


(11th May) Mark finishes 88th (3:36:38) in The Full Mucker at the Dirty weekend (20 miles / 200 obstacles) - http://www.ratracedirtyweekend.com/


(5th May) Lucinda finishes 41st in The Pony (60 miles over 2 days in the New Forest) - http://www.xnrg.co.uk/

(5th May) Mark finishes 33rd in The Pony (60 miles over 2 days in the New Forest) - http://www.xnrg.co.uk/


(27th April) Bella finishes 3rd at Volcano Olympic Distance Triathlon - http://www.clublasanta.com/

(27th April) Stephen finishes 5th at Volcano Olympic Distance Triathlon - http://www.clublasanta.com/

(13th April) Bella finishes 4th at Challenge Fuerteventura - http://www.challengefuerteventura.com/

(13th April) Stephen finishes 14th at Challenge Fuerteventura - http://www.challengefuerteventura.com/

(7th April) Mark finishes 33rd in Sussex Marathon (3:54:40) http://www.sussexmarathon.co.uk/

(17th March) Mark finishes 31st in ESCA 15.06 mile Hardriders TT - (45.15) http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/

(10th March) Mark finishes 63rd in East Surrey Hardriders TT 29.9mile (1:25:26) http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/

(24th February) Mark finishes 548th in Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon (1:44:24) http://www.twharriers.org.uk/racing/tw_half_marathon


(17th February) Lucinda finishes 210th in London Ultra 50km (6:39:40) http://www.ultrarace.co.uk/

(17th February) Mark finishes 211th in London Ultra 50km (6:39:40) http://www.ultrarace.co.uk/

(20th January) Stephen finishes 12th in South Africa 70.3 http://www.ironman703.co.za/

(12th January) Lucinda finishes her first ultra 32nd Female & 224th Overall in Country to Capital 45 mile 9:26:39 http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/

(12th January) Mark finishes 225th in Country to Capital 45 mile 9:26:40 http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/

(6th January) Lucinda finishes 473rd in Tadworth 10 mile 1:37:13 http://www.tadworth.org.uk/Tadten.html

(6th January) Mark finishes 303rd in Tadworth 10 mile 1:26:14 http://www.tadworth.org.uk/Tadten.html

(22nd December) Very exciting news: My Enduroman Arch to Arc World Record is on Channel 4 at 7am Saturday 22nd December http://www.channel4.com/programmes/triathlon/episode-guide/series-3/episode-19

(9th December) Bella & Stephen win Lanzarote Marathon http://www.lanzaroteinternationalmarathon.com/


(1st December) Lucinda finishes 100th Female & 886th Overall in The Grim 1:21:23 http://www.grimchallenge.co.uk/

(1st December) Mark finishes 184th in The Grim 1:06:12 http://www.grimchallenge.co.uk/

(22nd November) Stephen and Bella training in Lanzarote http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLJlu1KthxA

(17th November) Stephen wins GE British Triathlon Male Elite Long Distance Triathlete of the Year 2012 http://www.britishtriathlon.org/news/british_elite_athletes_celebrate_at_british_triathlon_awards_2458

(18th November) Lucinda finishes 10th Female & 50th Overall in Beddington Park 10km 50:44 http://www.suttonsportspromotions.com/ 

(18th November) Mark finishes 22nd in Beddington Park 10km 44:56 http://www.suttonsportspromotions.com/ 

(11th November) Mark finishes 288th at Ballbuster http://www.humanrace.co.uk/

(10th November) Bella finishes 9th at Lanzarote 70.3 http://www.ironman703lanzarote.com/athletes/results-703-lanzarote

(10th November) Stephen finishes 11th at Lanzarote 70.3 http://www.ironman703lanzarote.com/athletes/results-703-lanzarote

(16th September) Stephen wins Challenge Henley http://results.racetectiming.com/Results.aspx?CId=38&RId=359&EId=1

(16th September) Bella finishes 2nd at Challenge Henley http://results.racetectiming.com/Results.aspx?CId=38&RId=359&EId=1

(14th September) Check out Mark's video of his Enduroman Arch to Arc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUFu9sNK_UQ&feature=colike 

(8th September) Mark breaks World Record for Enduroman Arch to Arc http://www.enduroman.com/

(1st September) Lucinda finishes 3rd female & 5th overall at BLDSA Windermere 10.5 mile swim 05:05:13 http://www.bldsa.org.uk/

(28th August) Check out Lucinda's Channel Swim Video http://youtu.be/bBJSiIF5O88

(19th August) Stephen took out top honours at this weekend’s Challenge Vichy where abnormally hot temperatures in excess of 40C saw the race reduced to a half distance this weekend for safety reasons. http://www.challengevichy.com/lang1// 

(8th August) Lucinda very nearly made it to France.  Fog stopped the swim 200m to go.  For saftey reasons Lucinda could not leave the side of the boat. She will be back.  8th August 2015 - Lucinda will swim the Channel.

(25th July) Stephen finishes 6th in Alpe d'Huez Long Distance Tri http://www.alpetriathlon.com/2012/AN/index.html

(20th July) Check out the new video for Marks Enduroman Arch to Arc http://youtu.be/ghT4V-C6T1s

(15th July) Bella finishes 2nd in Ironman Zurich http://eu-agr.ironman.com/results/2012/ironman_switzerland_powered_by_ewz.pdf

(8th July) Stephen finishes 5th in Roth which gives him 3rd in the European Championships and a PB of 8.13.01                                            http://www.challenge-roth.com/en/index.html

(7th July) Mark finishes 5th in BLDSA 4 mile swim race in Torbay http://www.bldsa.org.uk/

(1st July) Mark finishes 30th in The Round Isle of White run (70 miles in 2 days) http://www.xnrg.co.uk/results.htm

(26th June) Check out the promo video for Marks Enduroman Arch to Arc http://youtu.be/6OmGQpejQLQ

(17th June) Bella finishes 2nd in Challenge Aarhus http://results.ultimate.dk/events/2012/tri/challengeaarhus/estandings/front/frameset.php

(17th June) Stephen finishes 5th in Challenge Aarhus http://results.ultimate.dk/events/2012/tri/challengeaarhus/estandings/front/frameset.php

(16th June) Mark finishes 11th in Champion of Champions 9 mile swim race in Dover in a time of 4.24.01 http://www.bldsa.org.uk/

(16th June) Lucinda finishes 4th Lady & 12th overall in Champion of Champions 9 mile swim race in Dover in a time of 4.30.54 http://www.bldsa.org.uk/

(15th June) New Summer Fitness video with Mark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M51LSz8WaOQ&feature=colike

(27th May) Lucinda finishes 15th lady & 77th overall in Eton 10km swim (2nd lady & 10th overall without a wetsuit) in a time of 2.42.34 http://www.humanrace.co.uk/speedo-eton-swim-2012-10km-results

(27th May) Mark finishes 52nd in Eton 10km swim (8th without a wetsuit) in a time 2.36.14 http://www.humanrace.co.uk/speedo-eton-swim-2012-10km-results

(19th May) Bella & Stephen both finish 2nd in Ironman Lanzarote http://www.ironmanlanzarote.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=151&Itemid=221

(6th May) Mark finishes 17th in The Pony Express Challenge (60 miles in the New Forest over 2 days) http://www.xnrg.co.uk/results.htm 

Mark is talking about his training for the Enduroman Arch to Arc at the first ever H2Open Day on Saturday 28 April 2012 in Reading – a day of open water swimming activities, kit testing, swimming, demonstrations, coaching and seminars http://www.h2openmagazine.com/h2open-day-2012/reserve-your-h2open-day-place.html

(14th April) Bella finishes 6th in Challenge Fuerteventura http://www.toptimecanarias.com/RESULTADOS/2012/CHALLENGE%20FUERTEVENTURA/RESULT_GENERAL_TRANS.htm

(14th April) Stephen finishes 8th Challenge Fuerteventura http://www.toptimecanarias.com/RESULTADOS/2012/CHALLENGE%20FUERTEVENTURA/RESULT_GENERAL_TRANS.htm

(25th March) Mark finishes 49th in Jurassic Coast Challenge (3 Coastal Marathons in 3 Days) in a time of 18hrs 27mins 20secs http://www.votwo.co.uk/results.htm

(4th March) Lucinda & Mark finish 977th & 978th in Eastbourne Half Marathon in a time 2hrs 7mins 15secs http://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/results/Eastbourne%20Half%20Marathon/730

(3rd March) Stephen finishes 13th in Abu Dhabi Long Distance Tri in a time of 6hrs 41mins 17secs http://www.premiertiming.com/live/adit2012/

(19th February) Mark finishes 57th In London Ultra 50km run in a time of 5hrs 15 mins 55 secs http://www.ultrarace.co.uk/events/results/

(22nd January) Bella wins Gran Canaria Half Marathon in 1.25.25 http://www.atletismograncanario.com/wp-content/uploads/ACTA-GRAN-CANARIA-MARATON-2012-MEDIA-10-KM1.pdf

(14th January) Mark finishes 77th in Country to Capital 45 mile run in a time of 7hrs 41 mins 51 secs http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/downloads/C2C_Results_2012.pdf

(2nd January) Bella finishes 2nd in Lumphanan Detox 10km in a time of 39.26 http://www.lumphanan.net/News.html

(20th December) New Team Bayliss swim hats have arrived, lots of colours

Swim Hats

[5th November] Mark and Lucinda get married at Denbies Vineyard!

Wedding Day

[18th September] Stephen gets 4th in Challenge Henley. Mark was 43rd in the half.

[10th September] Lucinda wins F3 10km at Bray Lake.

[3rd September 2011]Lucinda gets 2nd in Lake Windermere 10.5 mile swim.

[3rd September 2011]Stephen comes 7th in Gerardmer triathlon

[21st August 2011]Stephen wins Challenge Vichy! Read the tri247 report here

[15th August 2011]Croydon Amphibians team cross the Channel! 11 hours 37 mins. Well done to Mark, Lucinda, Paul Hare, Paul Finch.

[5th August 2011] Welcome to the world Charlie Comerford Bayliss!Bella Stephen and Charlie all doing really well. 

3 013 

[3rd July 2011] Stephen gets 5th in Austria Ironman. Mark does a 10.51 in his second Ironman. 

[3rd July 2011] Lucinda gets Gold, Silver and 4th in South West Regional Open Water Champs.
Read Lucinda's report here 

[29th June 2011] Lucinda completes Channel Relay with San Fran Dolphins 12 hours 46mins. 
Read Lucinda's report here

[5th June 2011] Triathlete Europe places Bella in the 'Top 10 Greatest Female Ironman Triathletes Ever'
Read Triathlete Europe article here 

[28th May 2011] Stephen gets 4th in Barcelona Challenge
Read Stephen's race report here

[28th May 2011]Lucinda(3rd girl, 26th overall) and Mark(35th overall) complete Dorney 10km swim.
See Full Results here and read Lucinda's race report here

[1st May 2011]Lucinda completes 24 miles in 24 hours
Read Lucinda's blog here

[30th April 2011]Stephen gets 3rd in Challenge Fuerteventura
Read Stephen's race report here

[7th April 2011]Mark Completes the MDS 2011
Sponsor Mark on JustGiving here








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