Coaching by Stephen

Stephen and Bella Bayliss are Britain's most successful Ironman couple with Bella holding no less than 16 Ironman titles and Stephen holding four. Stephen Bayliss grew up as a sports addict becoming obsessed with the discipline of triathlon, notching up an impressive record of national triathlon and cycling results.

Description of Stephen Bayliss

I grew up in Croydon; swimming, cycling and running with various clubs in the area. Age 16 I decided to concentrate on cycling, I competed in Road, MTB, Track and cyclocross, achieving mixed results, most notably representing GB at 2 World Junior Cyclo Cross world championships and winning a round of the U23 road race series. Age 21 I realised I didn't want to make a career at cycling and decided my talents may lie in doing triathlon. I struggled to start with especially with the swim in drafting races. I found I could achieve some better results at Long distance triathlons. Doing some of these races was when I met Bella. We then started travelling to races together, she introduced me to Brett, from then on training with Brett, the environment he created and the training he gave me, I knew very quickly that he and I were doing everything to become the best I could be.

What have you achieved in your coaching career?

Coaching our TriACtiv Kids team for 4years, with many wins in Lanzarote races, Canarian champions and multiple qualifiers to the Spanish Championships. In 2017 Coaching Mark Doyle to 3rd place overall in the Hardman iron distance triathlon.

Why do you work with Trisutto?

I have had a 15 year carrer with Brett, racing mainly Ironman and Long distance races, winning 4 Iron Distance races, 13 top 3 Iron distance results, with many results I am very proud of. It has been the best school of learning about coaching, I have learnt so much from Brett , what sessions, when and for who. How different people move and working with the individual to make the most of there body, mind and environment. Now I have decided to focus my energy on coaching and helping others become the best that they can be. I really look forward to helping others have the enjoyment of improving their triathlon performance.