(20th October 2019) Lucinda finishes 25th MIxed team with Adam - Otillo Cannes Swimrun - 6:18:59 - https://otilloswimrun.com/races/cannes/results-2019/

(12th October 2019) Lucinda finishes 14th female & 93rd overall in Centurion running Autumn 100 mile run - 25:12:05 - https://www.centurionrunning.com/

(5th October 2019) Mark finishes 64th in 55km Ultra London (05:52:27) https://www.ultralondon.co.uk/

(15th September 2019) 2 hrs after finishing the bike ride Lucinda started Reigate Half Marathon and finished in 2:17:04; 1,102nd https://www.runreigate.com/results/

(14th September 2019) Lucinda rides 180 miles in 12 hours at https://revolve24.com/events/brands-hatch

(7th September 2019) Mark & Paul finish 22nd in Breca Swimrun Jersey (8:43:18) https://www.brecaswimrun.com/breca-jersey-full-results-2019-overall

(28th July 2019) Mark finishes 369th in The Outlaw Aquathlon! 3.8km swim, 3 hr ish rest, then a marathon. (4:06:09) https://www.outlawtriathlon.com/

(22nd July 2019) Lucinda, Mark, Kevin & Tim (Team Name: They lied and told me this was a fun, warm swim) complete a Channel relay in 12 hours 29 mins

(7th July 2019) Lucinda finishes 1,025th overall in Austria Ironman (11:42:16)

(7th July 2019) Mark finishes 1,797th in Austria Ironman (13:09:10)

(18th May 2019) Lucinda finishes 5th female & 33rd overall in Guernsey Ultra - 36 mile (6:53:16)

(18th May 2019) Mark finishes 35th in Guernsey Ultra - 36 mile (6:54:21)

(6th May 2019) Lucinda finishes 4th female & 19th overall in XNRG SDW (97miles over 3 days) (17:38:49)

(21st April 2019) Lucinda completes 24hr swim challenege 

(14th April 2019) Lucinda finishes 403rd female & 6,956th overall in Paris Marathon (3:28:51)

(14th April 2019) Mark finishes 12,953rd in Paris Marathon (3:45:05)

(31st March 2019) Lucinda finishes 197th overall in Wings Croydon Half Marathon (1:51:28)

(10th March 2019) Bella finishes 2nd female in La Graciosa off road Triathlon (1:42:04) 
(10th March 2019) Stephen wins La Graciosa off road Triathlon (1:23:29)

(10th March 2019) Lucinda finishes 45th female & 493rd overall in Surrey Half Marathon in a PB (1:35:46) http://surreyhalfmarathon.co.uk/
(12th January 2019) Lucinda finishes 26th female & 154th overall in Country to Capital 43 mile run (7:25:31) http://gobeyondultra.co.uk/
(1st January 2019) Lucinda finishes 70th in Knacker Cracker 10km run (1:14:18) http://www.trionium.com/knackercracker/
(1st January 2019) Mark finishes 38th in Knacker Cracker 10km run (1:06:33) http://www.trionium.com/knackercracker/